Infobit is a leader in the higher end latest technologies IT education industry and ITES. Established in the year 1999, Infobit Technologies is providing Training on major global I.T. vendors like Microsoft, CISCO, Mile2, Amazon, Oracle, Juniper, VMWare, Cloudera and many others to deliver a comprehensive courses.

The explosive growth of Android applications lately has created a boom in demand for developers. Developers are there but how can employers assess their competencies? How can they really know who deserves the opportunity to take the responsibility of their applications?

Android Training Center, Ahmedabad

Infobit Technologies is providing Android Training and assessment exams to certify the competency of current and prospective employees. Android Training and Development is one of our services Which are catered by Google, their certificate of android assciate developer .We are proud to announce international certification program called Android Certified Developer program for professionals, college and university students of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

These courses empower application developers and IT-oriented employees with the skills to build advanced Android applications. After completing these courses, developers can opt for on-line exams which entitle them to become Certified Android Developers. The exams are conducted by Google learning portal.
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