Android Certified Trainer.

An Android Trainer is someone who has acquired the market-attractive skills of Android development and Android training.

Android Certified Trainer is a certification title delivered by Android Infobittechnologies to any trainee who passes all exam requirements.

To become an Android Certified Trainer, you must first complete the path towards Android Certified Application Engineer by passing three Android Infobit technologies exams: AND-401, AND-402, and AND-403. Then, you must pass the “Training Skills for Android Infobit technologies Certified Trainer” exam.

An Android certified trainer will have access to training material available in the trainer download center of Android Infobit technologies web site. Also, a trainer will have the accreditation to teach Android Infobit technologies courses at any Android Infobit technologies authorized training center.

An Android Certified Trainer Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
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