Best Android Training institute in Ahmedabad.

Best Android Training institute in Ahmedabad

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Unit 1: The Basics

Setting up the Android Application Development Environment, Creating, Testing and Debugging

Lesson 1. Build Your First App
1.0 Intro to Android
1.1 Create Your First Android App

Google Associate Android Developer

Google Associate Android Developer

1.2 Layouts, Views and Resources
1.3 Text and Scrolling Views
1.4 Resources to Help You Learn

Lesson 2. Activities and Intents
2.1 Activities and Intents
2.2 Activity Lifecycle and Saving State
2.3 Activities and Implicit Intents

Lesson 3. Testing, debugging, and backwards compatibility
3.1 Debugging Your App
3.2 Testing Your App
3.3 The Android Support Library


Unit 2: User interface

Create adaptive, responsive user interfaces that work across a wide range of devices.

Lesson 4. User interaction and intuitive navigation
4.1 User Input Controls
4.2 Menus
4.3 Screen Navigation
4.4 Recycler View
Lesson 5. Delightful user experience

5.1 Drawables, Themes and Styles
5.2 Material design
5.3 Providing resources for adaptive layouts
Lesson 6. Testing your UI

6.1 Testing the user interface

Unit 3: Background tasks

Perform background work and long-running tasks in Android applications
Lesson 7. Background tasks

7.1 AsyncTask and AsyncTaskLoader
7.2 Connecting to the Internet
7.3 Broadcast receivers
7.4 Services

Lesson 8. Triggering, scheduling, and optimizing background tasks

8.1 Notifications
8.2 Alarm managers
8.3 Transferring data efficiently

Unit 4: Data — saving, retrieving, and loading

Storing, sharing and retrieving data in Android applications

Lesson 9. Shared Preferences and Settings

9.0 Concepts: Overview to storing data
9.1 Shared preferences
9.2 App settings
Lesson 10. Storing data with SQLite

10.1 SQLite primer
10.2 store data using SQLite database
Lesson 11. Sharing Data: Content resolvers and content providers

11.1 Content Providers

Lesson 12. Loading data using loaders 

12.1 Using loaders to load and display data

Unit 5: What’s Next?

Learn how permissions, security and performance affect your app. Learn how Firebase can help you build and test your app. Learn how to include monetization strategies to make money from

your app. Finally, make sure your app is ready to share with the world, and publish it.
Lesson 13. Permissions, performance and security

13.1 Permissions, performance and security

Lesson 14. Firebase and AdMob

14.1 Firebase and AdMob

Lesson15. Publish !

15.1 Publish your app

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